40 Bedrooms City Hotel For Sale At Negara Bali


Capital - Negara
Highest Peak - Mt. Patas - 1'500 m.
Location: Western Bali
Land Area: 841'80 sq. km.
No. Of Districts - 4 (Melaya, Negara, Mendoyo, Pekutatan)
Important Phone numbers:
Direct Enquiries - 0365 41108
Jembrana Tourist Office - Tlp: 0365 - 41210
Address - Jl. Setia Budi, Negara.
Museum Gilimanuk - 0365 61328
BUPATI - 0365 41210 N.B. Negara's famous Bull Races are in August
Negara - District Capital of Jembrana - Located on the south-western part of the Regency.

History :
This regency is thought to have been established in the early 1400's, although civil war broke out and the regency became part of the Badung regency. In the 17th century, sparsely populated Jembrana was not of much interest to the other royal Balinese kingdoms and for a time it was ruled over by a prince from Sulawesi. Jembrana was one of the first kingdoms to surrender to the invading Dutch in the 1800's.
Negara Town - A small town on set along the main road between Denpasar & Gilimanuk. Negara itself does not have many tourist sites although it is famous for the bull races, held every year in October. Domesticated water buffalo races and horse races attract a number of tourist as well as many Balinese. Jegog - the giant bamboo gamelan (orchestra) - is typical of Jembrana and is seldom heard outside the regency.

West Bali National Park - This Park is home to the rare Java Deer, the rarer Bali Starling and many other animals such as the Boss Javanicus, or wild bull.

Medewi Beach - Famous for surfing, the long left handers are best in the morning before the wind gets up. The beach itself is not fantastic. Tourist accommodation ranges from guesthouses to smarter hotels with pools.

Gilimanuk - Bali's most western town, this is the ferrying point for people wishing to cross to Java. The tranquil bay is good for water sports and it is the closest place to stay if you wish to visit West Bali National Park.

Cekik - A village just south of Gilimanuk, with prehistoric remains
(Circa 1000BC) The headquarters of the National Park and visitors centre are located here.

Palasari Dam - The dam is good for water sports and the nearby village of Palasari is one of the few Catholic communities in Bali. The church is quite distinctive.

Candikusuma Beach - Large wide beach with views to Java. Very popular at weekends and holidays with the local community.

Baluk Rening Beach - This beach comes alive in August when the annual Jukung races take place. A western facing beach with good sunset views.

Perancak - A small village in which Bali's renowned Buffalo racing is performed for tourists. A reptile park and a riverside temple are other Perancak sites.

Delod Berawah Beach - A popular beach with the occasional bull and horse race.

Rambut Siwi - One of Bali's major cliff-top temples and the largest in west Bali. It was built in the 1500's by the same priest that built both the Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples. The sunset from this vantage point is outstanding.

Bunut Bolong - A sacred banyan grows over the road, or rather the road goes through this very large tree, up into the foothills of west Bali and towards Pupuan. The surrounding area is tropical forest and has many impressive trees

Pengambengan - The biggest fishing port on Bali, not an actual port but the here seas are at their calmest and there are no dangerous reefs.

Mekepung or Makepung
Attractions Mekepung in this field developed around the year 1930 and Sais / Jokinya soldiers dress in the style of the ancient kingdom in Bali is wearing headband, scarf, selempod, trousers dipinggang barefoot and wearing a sword tucked poleng gloves (black and white).

Detail :

Land Size 1600 M2
4 Floors With 43 Operational Standard Rooms
Rate IDR 200.000 / Night
Facility Restaurant, Clinic, Laundry
In The Center Of Negara

Price SOLD

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