Restaurant or Cafe for Lease at Mertanadi Seminyak Over 5 Years

Mertanadi Seminyak is very potential place for Business near sunset road and kerobokan, 8 x 14 metres pizza cafe for rent or lease over 5 years. Only 400 metres from cross road of sunset road and sunset point, is Very good for Cafe or Resto and Office.


Location Jalan Mertanadi Seminyak - Kerobokan Bali
Building Size 8 Metres x 14 Metres 
1 Toilet, Kitchen, Available for 10 table @ 4 seats
Land Access 2 Way 8 Metres Asphalt
400 metress from sunset road
For Rent IDR. 80.000.000 / Years
Max. 5 Years 
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